Fully funded electric vehicle charging for your business


Merseyside Electric Vehicle Charging are a leading supplier of EV charging infrastructure to many of the UK's largest property owners and management organisations


Customers of pubs and guests of hotels can rely on venues providing EV for either a quick top-up, or during an overnight stay. Merseyside Electric Vehicle Charging help business' within the hospitality sector realise that they can earn from their parking spaces as well as their rooms.

Property Agents & Facilities Managers

Efficient and effective delivery of clients’ electric vehicle charging projects are key factors for property agents and facilities managers. Merseyside Electric Vehicle Charging's industry experience is often vital when delivering complex EV charging initiatives for real estate clients at single and multiple sites.


Whether you are a tenant sourcing EV charging for staff at your place of work, for your fleet at your delivery depot, or for your restaurant drive-thru; we can help you with the entire process.

How it Works From Start To Finish

Electric Vehicle Charging take care of every aspect of the EV charging process and provide a full turn key, hands-off solution. Right from initial consultancy, projection analysis, and financial modelling, through to full surveys, planning, civils/electrical installations, and on-going asset management; we are end-to-end experts, giving partners comfort for the long-term.


We start with an initial discussion followed by a survey and search, to understand whether electric vehicle charging is right for you and what it could mean in terms of revenue.


We make a strategic recommendation firstly on technology. We look at the number of chargers and the power capacity before suggesting what ownership option might suit you best.


Finally we can assure smooth and simple installation that gets you up and running quickly with minimal disruption.

Future Proof Your Business

Reach Sustainability Goals

With the sale of conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans will be banned in the UK from 2030. Future proof your business and hit sustainability targets by switching to electric. 

Not only this, consumers are demanding for businesses to offer more sustainable options and implement sustainable business practices to protect our planet. 

Installing EV Chargepoints at your business premises is one of the many ways do to be more sustainable. Enhance your businesses reputation and achieve your sustainability targets by switching to electric.

Generate Revenue

Create an additional revenue stream by setting charging fees for your EV-driving customers. Speak to our experts to understand how charge points can transform your parking to make a profit.

Keep Employees Happy

Demonstrate your commitment to your employees by offering EV charging at work. Car charging at the workplace helps improve employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. Employees who own EVs can charge their vehicles while they work, eliminating the need find public charging stations or worry about running out of battery power. 

Get ahead of your competition

Every business with parking spaces will need to install EV chargers to meet the needs of their customers. Future-proof your business by offering electric vehicle charging.

Attract Customers who stay longer and spend more

Electric vehicle drivers are always looking for a convenient place to charge while they shop or work. Attract new customers by making your business (and charge points) visible on public charging maps. 

Offering commercial EV charging can help position your business as environmentally conscious and community-oriented, which can be a positive branding and marketing strategy contributing to your overall sustainable competitive advantage.

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