Electric vehicles are a new ever-growing and emerging technology. EV’s are being backed with great investment from big car manufacturers, EV’s are becoming more efficient, reliable and affordable as the technology progresses. Continue reading to learn more!

Battery life

Electric vehicles and their batteries are a new emerging technology with a bright future in terms of the ever-improving efficiency and reliability of the electric technology. Tesla recently performed a road test of their new ‘Gemini’ battery, which managed to power the car in the test for 752 miles on a single charge. This is an incredibly impressive feat Tesla have achieved and it shows the potential and the improvements of electric car technology.

In the future of electric vehicles, the number of times you need to recharge your car will decrease. Higher capacity batteries will mean that a single charge will last significantly longer, this is incredibly convenient for drivers, less maintenance will be required, making electric vehicles even more easier to maintain than petrol and diesel cars.

To learn more about Tesla’s new ‘Gemini’ battery road test, read this article from Forbes:



Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable as the popularity and production increases globally. Many more brands are developing more electric models than ever before. EV’s are an emerging market with great investment being made from big car manufacturers such as, Tesla, Volkswagen, Nissan and more. Electric vehicles will continue to become cheaper and more efficient as more models are made and the technology improves.

By adopting electric vehicles early, you can support the growing market and capitalise on existing grants available when purchasing a new electric car or having a new charge point installed on your property.

To learn more about the growth of the EV market, read this interesting article:


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