Common Home EV Charging Questions

How long does a home charger take to fully charge a car?

The time it takes for a home charger to fully charge your car varies depending on the model of the car and which charger you have. Using a 7.2Kwh speed charger for example, will take 6 hours to fully charge a Nissan LEAF with a 40kWh battery.

Home charging is a fast and easy way to fully charge your car, considering you can charge it overnight or while you’re not using it. An extra benefit to charging your car at home while you’re not using it, is that, it is safer from vandalism or theft as opposed to charging at a public point: which may leave it more open to damages.

For more information on the time it takes to charge an electric car with different charger models, check out this page from Rolec:

Can I leave my car charging overnight?

Yes, you can have your car charging overnight, it is one of the main benefits of having an EVC on your property. It is one of the most convenient ways of charging. It is recommended that you do not leave your car plugged in to an EV charger for more than 24 hours.

Can I use my home charger when it’s raining?
Yes, you can charge your electric car in the rain as electric chargers are fitted with proper covering shields and protective layers to the plugs and the charging stations. This prevents any kind of water damage that may occur due to rain.

How much would it cost to have an EVC installed on my property?
The price of an EVC installation varies depending on which charger you are getting installed and where you are having it installed.

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