Why You Should Join The EV Revolution Now

The UK EV community is growing rapidly, it’s time to switch from the norm and join the EV revolution.

The EV market is booming and developing quickly, support the cause now! The EV community is growing. EV car sales increased by 76.3% in 2021 compared to 2020. In 2021 just over 190,000 new electric cars were sold in the UK. EV car ownership is skyrocketing, and more and more people are getting on board with the transition.

The EV market is booming, the industry is new and it is developing quickly, even more charge points are becoming available, which makes owning an EV even more convenient and accessible.

On top of EV ownership increasing, the choice consumers have in EV models has and will continue to increase. There a broad range of electric car models to choose from, making the EV market more competitive, this means that there are plenty of electric car models that would suit your needs and will appeal to you.

For more information on the growing EV community, check out this article from The Guardian:


The 2030 ban on sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles

The UK government plans to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars. This means that if you buy a new car after 2030 it must be electric or hybrid. By 2035 new hybrid vehicle sales will also be banned, meaning all new vehicle sales will be 100% electric.

By buying an electric vehicle now, you can be ready for all the great changes that will be made in preparation for this ban, including: increased access to charge points, improved battery power and you can be involved in the development of electric vehicle technology by supporting this industry.

For more information on the 2030 ban, read this news story from the UK government’s site:


Buy now to make use of the grant!

The government is currently offering a grant of up to £1,500 off a new electric or hybrid vehicle. This grant may not be around for much longer so make use of it while you can and enjoy the new emerging transport technology for a cheaper price!

On top of the grant for electric/hybrid plug-in vehicles, there is currently a grant available for electric car charging installations!

The government is providing a grant of up to £350 off the installation cost of a new EVC for your property. This grant is ending on March 31st so you must act fast if you want to receive this grant!

To learn more about the plug-in grant and which cars are eligible, visit this link for the UK governments site:


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