The UK aims to use 100% of renewable energy by 2035

Which sources of energy are renewable?

There are many sources of renewable energy that the UK plans to introduce, and that the UK utilises already.

The largest source of renewable energy comes from Wind power, in 2020, wind power accounted for 24% of all energy generation in the UK. The UK already has a strong and stable renewable energy source to build upon with wind power. Wind power will play a huge part in operation Net Zero, as the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 draws closer.

The UK’s wind power source has grown incredibly this century, wind powered electricity has grown by 715% from the year 2009 to 2020. The UK currently owns the biggest offshore wind farm in the world. This shows that we are the leading country in terms of wind power.

Solar power is another renewable energy source, and one that is growing exponentially every year. Solar power is the 3rd most used renewable energy source worldwide.

For more information on renewable energy sources, visit this link to EDF’s page on types of renewable energy:

Cutting greenhouse gasses is the best way to prevent climate change

Net Zero Strategy

Net Zero is the plan by the UK to reduce all net greenhouse gas emissions in the country to zero by 2050.

To get to this point, many changes and advancements must be made in terms of implementing more and newer sources of renewable energy.

One of the steps the UK has taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work towards Net Zero has been the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030. To supplement this shift in low-emissions vehicles, the government have offered grants for purchasing new electric/hybrid cars as well as a plug-in grant. The plug-in grant makes purchasing, and having an electric car charger installed, cheaper.

For more information on Net Zero visit this link to view the UK government’s plans for Net Zero:

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Should you have you own renewable energy source?

The main renewable energy source you could own and make use of would be solar panels.

Solar panels cost an average of £4,800 to buy and be installed on your property, however, the value you gain from having solar panels, and the money you save in the long run makes owning solar panels a very viable option.

Solar panels can save you as much as £440 a year off your electricity bill, making it a good long-term investment that pays off itself. On top of the money you can save on your own electricity, you can also sell the electricity your solar panels produce. You can sell your excess solar panel energy for as much as 20p per kWh.

Visit this link for a useful article from Greener energy group on the pros and cons of having solar panels:

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