How much does it Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

Charging your electric car can be far cheaper compared to fuelling a petrol or diesel car, but how can you make charging your electric car even cheaper and easier?

You could save more than 50% of the cost of charging your car by switching to home charging, here’s how.

Public charging
Charging your EV car at a public charging station is a straightforward and pay as you go solution to car charging, while it may cost more than at-home charging, it can be very convenient when you are far from your home and need to charge, on long-distance travel or a holiday for example.

Public charging costs can fluctuate depending on which public station you choose to use.

Pod Point are a very popular and widely used public charging service across the UK, you can find Pod Point charging stations at many supermarkets and motorway service stations across the UK. Pod point charging usually costs £6.50 for 30 minutes, this provides around 90 miles worth of charge.

Some business may provide free car charging while you use their service, for example, some supermarkets provide free car charging while you shop in their store, this could be a great way to cut costs and kill two birds with one stone, if you are travelling to a shop, why not find out if they have charging stations available for use?

Charging at home

Charging your car at home through an installed EVC is a great way to cut on the cost of charging your electric car. Using a home installed EVC will cost you 17p/kWh based on the average electricity rate in the UK, as opposed to using public charging stations, for example, Shell, that charges 45p/kWh for their charging service.

By having an EVC installed on your property you are also saving money on charge used by travelling to and from charging stations, this distance and charge can add up in the long run and be costing more money than you think.

Contact us to learn more about getting an EVC installed on to your property and start saving money through home charging.

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Cost comparison to petrol and diesel cars

According to research by Direct Line: Charging an electric car is 58% cheaper than fuelling a petrol car. On top of the lower running cost, Direct Line also state that the overall lifetime cost of an electric car is cheaper than that of a petrol car, this includes cheaper fuelling, tax and maintenance costs.

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