Why an EV Charge point on your property is a necessity!

There are so many beneficial reasons why having an Electric Vehicle Chargepoint (EVC) on your property besides the prime goal to reduce carbon emissions and do your part in saving the planet. We have outlined some main reasons below.

Increase Property Value

It is an easy way to increase the value of your property. As electric cars become increasingly popular, the demand for charge points also increases, this could make your property much more desirable to a buyer.

If you take advantage of the grant that the government is currently offering, you can get up to 75% off on the installation cost of the charge point. Considering the discount through the grant and the increased property value, getting an EVC installed is too good of a decision to miss out on!

Find out more about the EVHS scheme by visiting this link:


To Reduce Costs

There are many public charging stations across the nation for EV owners, however, the cost of using public charging points can be much higher than the cost of charging through an EVC installed on your property. Some public charging stations can charge over twice as much as it would cost to charge your car at home. Shell charges 45p/kWh for their charging service, compared to the average domestic electricity rate in the UK which is 17p/kWh; you will save a lot of money on running your car in the long run when investing in a home EVC.

To learn more about the cost of running electric cars, visit this link:



On top of costing less to charge your car, home EVC use is incredibly more convenient for general use. Charging an electric car through a regular three pin wall socket can take up to 31 hours to fully charge, comparing this to an installed wall box charger than can fully chare a car in less than 10 hours. The time difference in charging times makes home charging through an installed EVC substantially more convenient and easier.

Without an installed EVC at home, it is likely that you may have to use a public charging station, while public charging stations are easy to use and fairly cheap compare to the upkeep of a petrol car, it does bring some inconvenience to owning an electric car. Having to travel to and from public charging stations not only takes time but it will also wear down the battery in your car, meaning you would have to charge your car more often than if you had a home installed EVC.

Home installed EVCs give you the option of charging overnight, this may not be convenient at a public station as you will may be waiting around while it charges.

To learn more about the cost of charging your EV at home as opposed to public charge points, read this guide from charge point by visiting this link:


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